Forest worker – Tree planting


Right now we are looking for tree planters for projects in Northern Sweden starting immediately.


Job location:

– Northern Sweden (Ånge, Hammarstrand, Åsele, Storuman)

What we expect from you:

– Very good health condition (physically demanding work).
– High work morale and motivation (task based work with fixed weekly performance standards). – Ability to work in team (work groups consist usually of 4-6 employees).
– Responsible approach and focus on quality of work being done.
– Loyalty to the company and respect for fellow workers.

Preferable skills:

– We prefer employees looking for long term cooperation – ideally for a couple of years. – Driving licence type: B, BE, C.
– Proficiency in English or Swedish language.
– Previous forest work experience is an advantage, but is not mandatory.

What we offer:

– Fair working conditions in accordance with Swedish law.
– Possibility of carreer advancement for skilled nad responsible employees.
– The company is providing all necessary work equipment, clothing and company vehicle.
– All employees can use accomodation provided by the company for the fee of 100,- SEK per day.

Financial compensation:

– Task based work, payment is calculated by amount of planted tree seedlings.
– Each month, the vacation compensation is paid at 13 % of gross monthly wage.
– Individual bonus of 3,62 % gross monthly wage paid every month.
– Special bonus for work group leaders and drivers.
– Taxes, health, social insurance and pension fund fees are paid by the company here in Sweden.


Job applicants, please download and fill out the questionnaire:

Job applicant questionnaire_ENG

Kwestionariusz dla osoby ubiegającej się o zatrudnienie_PL

Dotaznik pre zaujemcov o pracu_SK

Dotaznik pro uchazece o praci_CZ

Send us the filled out questionnaire to:  


ALFA Skogsservice AB is Swedish stock company with roots in Czech Republic. We are well- established, stable, succesfull company and one of the five biggest companies within the industry. We specialize in these types of manual forest work: tree seedlings planting, brushcutter forest clearing, brushcutter clearing under power lines, pine and spruce cones collection, tree felling with chainsaws. In the year 2017 we have planted 15 millions tree seedlings and cleared 10 000 hectares of forest. The company employs about 150 seasonal workers mainly from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Romania and from The Baltic States. Our vision is to be the best employer in Swedish forestry.