About us


Let us introduce ALFA Skogsservice AB, one of the major companies within Swedish forestry.


Development is the only way to go forward

We see a potential development in almost all our fields and we never stand still. Digital solutions, developing people, sustainability, technical development, flexible logistic and efficient production with new and smart solutions. These are just a few of the key factors that define us as a company.

Since the beginning in 2011, the company has grown quickly but without losing control and focus towards the things we do best. As a proof, ALFA was awarded the price “Gasellföretag 2016” that the well-known paper Dagens Industri awards every year. The owner of ALFA has also been awarded “Settler of the year 2014” in Jämtland.

We are not better than our last project.


We take responsibility

Fair terms for our employees and to our customers come natural to us. We care about You and Your forest. We care about our environment and take responsibility for our community. It comes natural for us to be involved in different forums and organizations within the industry. If You are looking for a supplier that strives forward and takes pride in doing a great work, then You have come to the right place.

We want to be a role model and enhance the status of the forest work.


Quality awareness all the way through

The quality of the performed work is the most important to us. You can count on that. Our quality concept contains accuracy of details and customer requests. Everybody is different and that is all good. We always deliver on time, follow up on our results and give You as a customer a warrant of performed work.

We are Your forests best friend.


The whole of Sweden is our field of work

Our company is geographically divided in two independent regions – North and South.

The office for the northern region is in Hammarstrand in eastern Jämtland. There are also three local offices in Östavall, Timrå, and Åsele.

The office for the southern region and the head office for the company is in Jönköping.

Now, we are in an exciting phase of establishing a third region, Middle. Please help us establish us in Dalarna, Hälsingland, Gästrikland, Uppland, Västmanland, Närke and Värmland, and we will help You and You forest. We guarantee You will be satisfied.


Efficient organization

Our different geographic regions give You as our customer plenty of benefits. You can hire a nationwide entrepreneur with great resources, and at the same time You get the service of a flexible organization with local connection. Our skilled project manager and site managers will find a smart and optimal solutions just for You. We always aim to fulfill Your and Your forest’s needs.

We think globally and act locally.



Dagens Industri Gasellföretag 2016

Årets Nybyggare i Jämtland 2014

Tillväxtföretag i Jämtland 2014


The ultimate award really is that our employees and our customers come back year after year and we are having fun together!